Why Every Business Needs To Post Organically On Social Media In 2021

Posted on
November 3, 2021

Social media is one of the most important elements of modern digital marketing. There are hundreds of platforms, ranging from popular ones to niche options.

Some platforms offer unique approaches, such as Twitter, which gives users a limited number of characters, or Instagram, which focuses on visual content.

Other solutions are ideal for specific users, such as LinkedIn, which is a professional social media platform designed for corporate networking.

Whatever platform you and your organisation use, you need to post organically on it. While most social media sites offer paid advertising options for businesses, organic social media campaigns can be more impactful and beneficial.

If you’re unsure about the benefits of organic social media content, then the team here at Kopa Marketing will explain in this blog post.

It’s Free

Organic content is free to post on most social media sites. Many platforms offer businesses and individuals free accounts and only charge for paid advertising.

As such, you can save money by posting organic content. The only cost you’ll have to pay is for the time it takes you or your team to create the content and monitor its progress.

It Can Improve Your Brand

As organic social media gains traction entirely through its own merit, not because of paid platform intervention, customers might be more impressed by your business’s success at promoting itself organically.

As a result, you could build stronger relationships with your online followers, including existing customers and potential leads.

Additionally, as your content will make its way onto a variety of spaces within the social media platform, you could find that you improve brand recognition and generate leads as well as retaining them.

If you work hard to write content that is recognisable and complies with your brand’s guidelines, then you could get your business noticed by more social media users who don’t usually click on or engage with paid adverts.

It Can Help You To Reach Your Target Audience

Some of the most popular social media platforms globally have billions of active users, so you need to make sure that you narrow down your search.

Organic content can help you to identify individuals who are interested in your niche, as you can find those who engage with your content on a specific topic.

You can then target them with specific marketing and turn them from uninterested social media users into potentially profitable leads.

Paid social media can also benefit your business in this way, as many social media platforms offer extensive targeting features.

However, for those social media users who don’t engage with paid social media content, organic posts could be the ideal solution.

How To Get Started

As a busy business leader, you might not feel you have the time or the skills to create and manage organic social media campaigns.

Thankfully, Kopa Marketing can help you to boost your social media presence organically. Our team are experienced in working with clients from across the corporate landscape, so we know how to transform your message into engaging social media content.

To find out more about how we can help you, contact us. Our staff will be able to assess your existing online presence and explore how we can help you to enhance it and grow your business through online marketing.

Posted on
November 3, 2021

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