Why its important to repurpose marketing content in 2022

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November 2, 2022
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Whilst UK marketing budgets, for some companies, have averagely increased by 6.4% versus 2021 figures, there is no denying that every penny matters. Furthermore, for 78.8% of companies, budgets have not changed or are less than in previous years. The current state of financial affairs in 2022 demands more effort and money be spent but with less disposable consumer income up for the taking. 

At Kopa Marketing, we think the key lies in being clever with the content that you are paying for. As a company that works with lots of small businesses, we understand that marketing can be an intimidating thing to spend money on. 

What’s going to give me the most return on investment? How do I know that my money is being well spent? What do my consumers want to see? How can I compete without blowing budgets?

These are just some of the questions that we get asked every week. One of our solutions is to be clever with your content and repurpose it in new ways to get the maximum use of assets! From using carefully crafted messaging to quickly execute in-point Facebook campaigns to multi-use images, we have pulled together our list of the best methods below.

What are the benefits of repurposing content?

benefits of repurposing content

Did you know that 60% of marketers repurpose content as many as three times? This is because it makes financial and consumer sense. If consumers are responding well to content, why change it? 

This doesn’t mean you have to repost the same social post or send out the same brochure. Just like upcycling an old piece of furniture and turning it into a luxury item, you can use your marketing assets to create new content without having to spend lots of time or money on new content. 

Consumers also find it important to know what they can expect from a brand. Continuity in messaging and consistency in outputs is even more important given the rapidly changing world that we are all more than aware of. By using content and messaging themes in new ways that they are used to, it means that they can resonate with your brand on a deeper level. 

Finally, if you do not have a marketing team in-house but want to produce new content, repurposing information is a great way to achieve this. If the content has already been professionally created, you can then reuse it in new ways without having to be a marketing pro!

What types of content can be repurposed?

What types of content can be repurposed

Images and Graphics This one may seem obvious but once you have a library of professional photos or graphics, you should use them across all your marketing outputs. 67% of consumers say that top-quality images are essential to their buying decisions. Images and graphics are simple to repurpose as they can be used in many ways. From socials to websites and even printed literature, using both professionally produced and user-generated content across different media is a great way to reduce ongoing spending on photography and design. 

Website Copy Professional copywriting is essential not just for appearing in search results but also for successfully building connections with consumers. Once you have your web copy down, you can use the same content across literature, social posts, and even email marketing with just a few small tweaks usually needed to make it relevant.

Targeted copy is also essential when it comes to Facebook advertising as knowing your keywords and associated audience is imperative to the success of a campaign. Professional SEO copy should therefore also be used to strengthen Facebook and Google ad campaigns which will in turn also improve domain authority. 

Video 86% of businesses use video as a marketing tool. Why? Consumers love it! Thanks to the likes of TikTok and YouTube bringing products and services to life in fun ways, this is an essential form of marketing asset that every business needs. You can also repurpose video content in many ways including gifs, and shorts, using stills as images and using sound to support other content. 

Testimonials Did you know that 93% of consumers read reviews online before making a purchase? Using your testimonials as a form of marketing content is therefore a great way to bring in positive messaging that will give consumers what they are looking for. Testimonials can be used across websites, socials, and even print media and improve the legitimacy of your messaging. They are also forms of content that you have not had to spend time writing as the information is already there. 

Whitepapers and Press Releases Another way of repurposing the written word is to make the most of published materials. Anything that contains a mass of information can be broken down into smaller segments and used in a whole host of ways. Whether you are pulling out statistics, brand statements, or just creating a small piece of copy for use on a blog or in a piece of literature, this offers a speedy way to produce new materials. 

Top performing social content If you have found the magic art to making your socials bring in masses of consumers, why not repurpose the content into new posts! You can also use this content on your website, on other social channels and in marketing materials. 

Infographics Last but not least are the gift that keeps on giving the world of marketing, infographics. These visually striking assets are brilliant to use in both visual and written ways. You can either use snippets of the content itself to bring another form of marketing assets to life or just use the content within to enhance marketing messaging. People love visuals so investing in a top-quality designed infographic is a good choice. 

Why Kopa Marketing

Do you want to find out more about investing once for maximum exposure? Kopa Marketing started supporting small businesses Wales based as our founders wanted to help the local brands that they grew up with stand out in the competitive world of ecommerce. One of our methods was helping companies find excellent value for money in the marketing resources that they have. From our humble beginnings as a Welsh small business ourselves, we now confidently apply these learnings to international businesses.


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Posted on
November 2, 2022

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