Hard Lines Coffee

  • Location: Cardiff, Wales
  • Service: Facebook Ads, Google Ads, Google Shopping

Effective advertising is even more critical at busy times of the year as even though customers are willing to spend, competition is at an all-time high.

Hard Lines Coffee approached us for help with Facebook & Google Advertising at the end of 2021. Leading up to the Christmas period, we worked together to test various creatives that would yield the highest returns. During the testing period, we achieved a fantastic ROAS of 2.8.

Once winning combinations of audiences and ads were found, we successfully brought in an exceptionally high ROAS of 4.5 or 450% return on investment.

Lanzarote Investments

  • Location: Lanzarote, Spain
  • Service: Facebook Ads

Lanzarote Investments contacted us for help with their paid-for lead generation and for general traffic to their website.

Tasked with delivering a low cost per lead, we generated over 500 for just €1.94 each in the first campaign. This brilliant result showcases that you can reduce outreach spending with a strategic setup and expert insights.

This result was accompanied by a cost per click to the website of €0.05, and we continue to bring in cost-efficient traffic to the Lanzarote Investments website.

Absolute Mug

  • Location: Bideford, England
  • Service: Facebook Ads

Absolute Mug is a business that primarily sells custom mugs for any occasion. We recently worked with Absolute Mug to increase the sales of their running race mugs.

We were ecstatic to achieve a return on ad spend (ROAS) of 4.56 right at the start of the campaign. This was a very successful campaign where we saw results straight from the outset. This was achieved by running local adverts directly to where the races were held and targeting the right audience.

At Kopa, we let our results do the talking, so we are proud that this is another example of how we can create quick results.

Tales From The Necropolis

  • Location: Liverpool, England
  • Service: Facebook Ads

'TALES FROM THE NECROPOLIS' is Liverpool's newest Ghost-Tour experience. You are guided by lantern light down into the sunken depths of Liverpool's Victorian Necropolis- one of the world's most mysterious and actively haunted locations.

TFTN are utilising Facebook advertising to increase the sales of their new ghost tour to the people within a radius of Liverpool City centre. This could be locals or anyone visiting for the day.

Facebook advertising has proven very beneficial for TFTN as they have been selling out their shows repeatedly. We achieved a ROAS of 3.0 with a super targeted conversion campaign.

Aspire Kitchens

  • Location: Porthmadog, Wales
  • Service: Facebook Ads

Aspire Kitchens are a local business in Porthmadog, where co-founders Osian and Dylan grew up. Aspire sell kitchens, bathrooms and bedrooms at the end of Snowdon street.

Paul from Aspire wanted to increase the amount of leads and foot traffic into the showrooms. We are extremely happy with how these campaigns are going and Paul has said:

   "this has been the best advertising we have invested in"

We have been delivery 3-4 quality leads per week directly through the Facebook ads and the foot traffic has increased significantly. We are extremely happy to be able to help businesses in the local area.

Deluxe Huts

  • Location: Blackrod, England
  • Service: Facebook Ads

Deluxe Huts are a business that sells Bamboo Gazebos designed to suit all gardens and lifestyles, a provides a versatile outdoor living area for al fresco dining, entertaining and relaxation.

Deluxe Huts came to us before the summer with the aim to sell their amazing gazebos for customers to enjoy during the summer. We managed to provide Deluxe Huts with 7-8 quality leads every week until they sold out of all their stock.

We were extremely happy to be able to help Deluxe Huts get their gazebos out to the world. With these being such high ticket items, the return on investment is one of the best we've ever worked with.


  • Location: London England
  • Service: Facebook Ads + Google Ads

SyncVault joined Kopa in summer 2022 to help find new YouTube creators to use their music platform using Facebook Ads. SyncVault allows creators to earn money when they use trending music in their videos.

We successfully managed to bring in over 3700 leads for SyncVault from all over the world including The United States of America, United Kingdom, Philippines and many countries in Latin America.

SyncVault also took advantage of our Google Ads service and in the last 30 days of writing this text have received over 28.9k clicks for an average price of £0.07 per click. A fantastic result for everyone.

Review 2

'I had the pleasure of working with Kopa last month. Dylan has extensive SEO knowledge and he helped me to rethink my SEO strategy for my blog. We are currently in the process of rebuilding our WordPress website with Kopa Marketing. We have been kept up to speed along the way with detailed screenshots and video calls. We are looking forward to going live with the new website!'

Review 1

The Kopa Team provide extremely strong SEO services. My website has gone up in the rankings a huge amount since I started the SEO campaign with them. Some of the things that they do I would have never thought of.
Dylan & Osian easy to talk to and are always willing to answer questions! Great to be able to do it all in Welsh too!”

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“Had the pleasure of using Kopa's SEO service over the last few weeks and it's been great. We're now working currently working with them on PPC so we're exited of what's to come.”

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