Why are animals popular in marketing campaigns?

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Just like the rest of the world, the people of the UK have spoken, and they love their pets! In fact, as of 2021, 60% of households had a cat or dog. In Wales, this equates to more than 400,000 residents that have a pet within the home. With an average of £4000 being spent annually on our furry friends, it will come as no surprise that animals have a huge part to play in marketing.

 In honour of #NationalDogDay, we wanted to investigate just how popular animals are within marketing and why consumers have such a positive reaction when faced with creatures of all sizes. With pet ownership having increased by 15% since 2011 in the UK alone, it is clear that we are an animal-mad nation!


Consumer psychology and animals in marketing campaigns

Emotional Connections - One of the main purposes of any form of marketing is to create an emotional connection with consumers to establish long-lasting and converting relationships. With so many people loving them, it is a great way to get in your consumer's mind on a deeper and more meaningful basis.


By being emotionally tied to a brand, consumers are more likely to remember the entire offering and not just the one product they came across. Animals and humans have a long-recorded connection, which also means that using them within campaigns can offer a sense of memory or nostalgia for consumers of all ages.


Attention Grabbing – If you are an animal lover, seeing a cute furry friend on your social feeds, TV, or even print media is sure to grab attention. Marketing that uses animals also stands out as, quite often, the connections to the actual brand make you stop and think about who they are. This form of marketing is also a brilliant way to share the connections about a brand instantly. Based on the animal that you choose to represent you and the stimulation that the eye-catching aspect adds to the brain, it means that people subconsciously make a judgment. Whether it's a dog for loyalty, a cat for independence, or a bird for free-spirited nature, the animal you choose can instantly share the marketing message.


Brand Representation – The previous point leads nicely onto the fact that animals don't just add meaning to your ads but also your brand. Linking a theme creates consistency and ensures that consumers, no matter where they are within your buying cycle, have a clear view of what your brand stands for.


Global Reach – No matter the markets you advertise in or your company's core language, the power of visuals is enough to make your messaging universally resonating. Whilst animals will have different means in their various territories, the fact that animals are recognised worldwide makes them an effective tool to include in your messaging. This also means you can create affordable campaigns that can be easily re-purposed for new markets.


Jump on social trends

Everyone knows that reactive content is one of the best ways to appear relevant on social channels to consumers. Social hashtags and themed days are something that consumers are likely to be included with, so ensuring they are a part of your social calendar is an essential way to improve your organic visibility. This also shows that companies are current and understand what trends are, which leaves a positive mark on customers.


How can you include animals within your marketing campaigns for improved reach?

Whilst the merits of including animals within your marketing communications are plentiful, they need to be cleverly included to ensure relevance. The likes of Moon pig and the Coca-Cola polar bears showcase this perfectly. Our top tips for including animals seamlessly are:


- Make sure you are relating any content back to your brand image or products for relevancy. If this is not possible, work to create a tagline or secondary link that makes the connection significant.

- Use imagery that matches the style of your branding.

- Research your audience to ensure that animals are an interest. Even though we have showcased the merits, there will be a small minority of people that this type of content won't resonate.

- Be punny with it; animals offer a great chance for your brand to have a more light-hearted image which some clever marketing copy will support perfectly.


Are you ready to incorporate some paws and whiskers into your next marketing campaign?

Whether you are looking to strengthen an organic campaign or bring more attention to your paid efforts, Kopa Marketing is on hand to help. The people of North Wales and beyond have spoken, and we have excellent reviews online for all to see!


Contact us today to find out if we can put a growl into your next campaign.

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